Hi, hola, salut! Born in Vienna, Austria, I left home at eighteen years old and moved to California. There I graduated from film school and started working for Sony Playstation, where I spend 10 years in the internal creative department. I'm now an independent filmmaker and freelance creative consultant and editor, working on a wide gamut of commercial and personal projects. I have a thirst to travel and I'm always looking to collaborate with creatives all over. Based between California and Europe, I speak English, French, German and some Spanish, so say hello at fderon@gmail.com or connect on the social medias! 

- Franck


...this site mostly represents my personal projects.

In the professional world I've collaborated with a variety of studios and agencies:

|| Scion AV, ALT Creative, Emota, Look Mister, Piston, SCEA, Playstation Creative, Mutt, Deutsch, Guerrilla Games, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Ready At Dawn, Sucker Punch, Lightbox Interactive, FITC, Tim Tadder, Rocket Lab, The Joelsons, Basic, TBIK, Rainmaker Entertainment

On videos for:

|| TNT, Linkedin, Sony Playstation, Sony Electronics, San Diego Chargers, HP, Pepsi, Tecate, Walmart, Lucozade, Levi's, SDG&E, Petco, Adobe, Warner Brothers, Tigé, Gawad Kalinga, Ubisoft...

And on over a hundred videogames from indie to AAA, PS2 to PS4.