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Franck is a freelance filmmaker and editor.


Born in Vienna Austria from French parents, Franck grew up happily eating lots of schnitzels and crêpes. His grandparents and parents being immigrants he perpetuated that tradition and decided to leave the comfort of his home and move to San Diego California at the age of eighteen, where to his family, he became known as The American. Growing up watching lots of Baywatch, he needed his part of the action! Disillusion was strong when he arrived there and first went for a swim and realized that the Pacific waters were actually freezing and there was no Pamela Anderson to save him. That is when he realized that television and movies lied to you. Seeing how he too could learn that power of deceit, he decided to study film; sticking with it, he worked on all kinds of production and post production jobs upon graduation. One day Sony Playstation came knocking at his door and he remained with them for 12 years. There he became a senior part of the creative services team working on exactly one hundred (!) titles from small indie type games to AAA blockbusters; editing, pitching, filming, and supporting the game developers from game inception to post launch with their video production, postproduction and various marketing needs. Over the last few years he has gradually started spending less and less time entrenched in the video game world and more time traveling and exploring his own passions. Pursuing various personal projects, directing short films, music videos and shooting documentaries about subjects he cares about; all the while editing on a freelance basis for clients such as FX Networks, LinkedIn, and TNT.


As of summer 2018 he’s made a more permanent move back to Europe, closer to his roots in Barcelona and Vienna. He’s now looking to connect with local production companies and staying busy here on the old continent, far away from mean crazy uncle Trump.


What else? He’s a dual French / US national and can work on both sides of the pond. He’s fluent in English, French, German, and after a couple of glasses of mezcal he’s not too bad at Spanish either, so if you stumbled on his site and want to start a conversation, type away below, he'd love to hear from you! :)

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