I'm a filmmaker with bases in Vienna, Barcelona, California/Tijuana, Manila and Paris. I've spent the past 12 years at Sony Playstation in San Diego, part of the Creative team, creating content for what seems like over a hundred video games, from PS2, PSP, to PS4. Editing trailers, in-game cinematics, coming up with campaign concepts and helping in the inception phase of new IPs. On the side I've never stopped working on various passion projects, short films, music videos and documentaries, while editing on a freelance basis for clients such as FX, Linkedin, and AT&T. I'm a passionate traveller, and my favorite thing to do is to meet fellow creatives in new countries and collaborate with them! I'm fluent in English, French, German, and I'm not too bad at Spanish, so if you randomly stumbled on my site and want to start a conversation, type away below, I'd love to hear from you! :) 

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